8 June 2010
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What brand name is in 80% of American households?

What brand name is in 80% of American households?  WD-40 is used in 4 out of every 5 American households, and now it’s available with an imprinted logo or message as a No-Mess Pen.

Add your logo along side this trusted brand.  A great giveaway for any household. WD-40 No Mess Pens 250 units minimum $2.58 each.

The No-Mess Pen delivers the same multi-purpose lubricant with the precision of a pen-shaped applicator. With hundreds of uses, it’s perfect for solving life s little emergencies around the house, in the car, and on-the-go. There are over 2000 uses of WD-40.

My Top 10 Uses of WD-40:

1. Removes tomato stains from clothes

2. Shines leaves of artificial houseplants

3. Removes sticker residue from bathtubs

4. Removes ink, kool-aid or grape juice stains from carpet

5. Cleans doggie doo from tennis shoes

6. Removes crayon from walls, carpet, plastic, shoes, glass

7. Removes scuff marks from ceramic tile or hardwoods

8. Lubricates zippers

9. Removes nail polish from hardwood floors

10. Removes water spots from mirrors

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