15 May 2017
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Retail Brands for the Modern Marketer

Elevate your swag by co-branding with retail brands. The POP Shop has access to hundreds of the most well-known brands and sought-after merchandise. Elevate your brand by offering Puma®, Black & Decker®, Bose®, Brookstone®, Callaway®, Fossil®, EOS®, Yeti®, KitchenAid®, Samsonite®, …

12 December 2016
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Recognition Pays Off

As you make future plans, consider recognition and reward programs. They are valued by employees and they financially benefit the companies who use them!

Recognizing your employees leads to greater employee engagement – and greater engagement leads to greater profitability. …

17 May 2016
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Maui Jim: Fitting Experience


On the beach or in business attire, nothing says style like a great pair of sunglasses. No matter the industry or the location, your employees would enjoy personalized Maui Jim sunglasses, “the Gold Standard in Corporate Gifting”

USB Drives – How big is a Gig?

Kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, bajillabyte… okay, there’s no such thing as a bajillabyte (yet). Nearly avengers-usb2everything we use today requires memory but what does it all mean? In the world of digital information storage, how do we make sense …

5 December 2013
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Promos, Giveaways, Incentives, Awards, Gifts, Prizes, Oh My!

When it comes to promotional products, ever wonder what the difference is between incentives, premiums, awards, gifts, giveaways, and prizes? It’s a lot, I know! As a superhero, it’s my job to keep you informed on the best ways to …

25 October 2011
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Holiday Essentials for your Brand!

Soon the Halloween inventory will be on sale and the Holidays will be in full force.  You will want to remember your clients, employees, volunteers and other colleagues this holiday season.  Check out these holiday essentials for your brand. Our …

2 June 2010
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It’s Official – People LOVE Promotional Products

Stop right now and think…  an umbrella in your car with a logo, a mug on your desk with an inspiring message.  Maybe a cap or tote bag.  I bet you can connect immediately to a personal item you …

15 February 2010
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Ever Monday Matters. Make a difference.

Ever Monday Matters.

Imagine, sharing this book with your entire organization. Your company can make the difference by giving the book and encouraging others.

See the video – Wow. Millions of people each year want to know how to make …

12 October 2009
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Do You Know The Tax Benefits Of Recognition?

The 2010 planning season is here and it’s a great time to implement or re-energize your employee achievement programs. This past year, budgets were slashed, corporate events were cancelled, employee perks are limited, and due to downsizing or reorganization you …

20 August 2009
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Photo Print Cards – Thoughtful Gifts!

Technology has us all snapping shots at every turn with the latest phones and cameras.  Photo Print Cards are a great gift to encourage all generations to enjoy printed versions of memories compliments of you!  The gift card is customizable …