12 October 2016
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A New Look: Apparel Decoration Trends

Change happens. Styles come and go. We track these trends to insure we provide the products and designs that help our clients be a trend leaders. Let’s jump into apparel decoration and how the locations are evolving.

Center Chest

2016 summer fall decoration trends - final UNBRANDED

This …

24 February 2016
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Trends in Branded Apparel Decoration


Apparel brands desire to create sought-after styles for corporate audience. It makes sense for brand marketers to giveaway a shirt or hoodie that their recipient would be willing to spend their own money. Here we showcase decoration trends in retail, …

29 April 2014
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Drive your message beyond Sundays

Church leaders know that crafting a killer bottom line is key to delivering messages on Sunday. The bottom line says what you want to say, but in a simple, memorable sentence. Creative teams bring it to life through video, bulletins …

5 Tips for Retail Inspired Tees

Unleash the power of retail looks throughout your apparel. Bottom line, cool t-shirts make their way off the hanger and on the street to promote your brand. Apparel is a walking billboard, so wow your audience with sought-after styles. We’ve …

18 April 2014
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Make God’s Message Stick!

Attention Kids Ministry Insiders! We have added vinyl decals with YOUR message to our  lineup! Your message on stock artwork, or submit your own custom design!

These vinyl decals are made with removable and repositionable adhesive.  Similar to a static …

12 March 2014
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Diaper Stickers – New designs!

By popular demand we have expanded our diaper stickers!

Diaper change stickers are a great way to inform parents whether their child’s diaper was wet or dirty.  For classroom leaders, they make great reminders showing which child has already …

Latex Balloons-How Safe Are They?

What kid doesn’t love balloons?!

Well…get this-Latex balloons are the leading cause of suffocation deaths of all children’s products, Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.22.17 PMaccording to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Most are under the age of 6!

Sorry to burst your…well…balloon, but you

25 August 2013
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Want Temporary Tattoos to POP?

While it’s not something most people think about or even realize, if you are creating a temporary tattoo design, you should consider adding white within the design. To make the biggest statement and pop on all skin tones, temporary tattoo  …

16 July 2013
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Mylar Balloons – The Safe Choice

Want your next event to really POP?! Consider Mylar balloons! They are the safer choice with a longer float time and less work compared to latex balloons.

Mylar balloons (also known as foil balloons) are available in so many …

25 February 2013
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North Point & The POP Shop Awarded Gold Pyramid

The POP Shop and North Point Community Church were recognized for their collaboration on a MarriedLife Great Date Experience project. Both organizations were awarded a Gold Pyramid Award in the Goodwill category at the 2013 PPAI Awards Ceremony held in …