15 May 2017
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Retail Brands for the Modern Marketer

Elevate your swag by co-branding with retail brands. The POP Shop has access to hundreds of the most well-known brands and sought-after merchandise. Elevate your brand by offering Puma®, Black & Decker®, Bose®, Brookstone®, Callaway®, Fossil®, EOS®, Yeti®, KitchenAid®, Samsonite®, …

12 December 2016
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Recognition Pays Off

As you make future plans, consider recognition and reward programs. They are valued by employees and they financially benefit the companies who use them!

Recognizing your employees leads to greater employee engagement – and greater engagement leads to greater profitability. …

12 October 2016
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A New Look: Apparel Decoration Trends

Change happens. Styles come and go. We track these trends to insure we provide the products and designs that help our clients be a trend leaders. Let’s jump into apparel decoration and how the locations are evolving.

Center Chest

2016 summer fall decoration trends - final UNBRANDED

This …

30 August 2016
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Hand Sanitizers Sales Continue to Climb

HandSanitizerIt’s not uncommon these days to hear of a new virus outbreak or communicable illness. Even with the potential unhealthy bacteria on public surfaces, it is not feasible to live in a sterile environment for the rest of your life. …

11 August 2016
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Millennials Don’t Want to Grow Up


Laundry. Dinner. Bills. Work. Kids. Taxes. The seemingly endless list can consume your day turning free time into a distance memory. If we knew that becoming an adult had so many responsibilities, many of us may have opted to stay …

14 July 2016
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An Umbrella for Rain…or Shine

Totes SunGuard umbrella - blog

The tried and true umbrella is a promotional classic.  It’s both extremely effective in promoting a brand and incredibly useful for the user. This year, a study revealed that over their lifespan, umbrellas generate over 1,300 impressions. Meanwhile, the same …

28 June 2016
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Corporate Apparel Steps Up Its Game – Under Armour®

Under Armour® is one of the most recognized brands. Under Armour® empowers athletes everywhere by delivering innovative apparel & accessories. Everything at Under Armour® is built to make you better. For years, corporate buyers have been demanding …

16 June 2016
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Why Name Badges?


We are your solution to providing top-quality, affordable name badges. Your staff represents your business to the public. An eye-catching name badge will be noticed and create a professional image to your customers and clients.

Name badges are used in …

3 June 2016
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5 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Wear Active Outside of the Gym

5 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Wear Active Outside of the Gym

Active Wear apparel styles are great for the gym but you can also get away with adding them to your everyday wardrobe. Here’s why…

  • Who wants to grocery shop in high heels? It’s okay to throw on sneakers, cropped yoga

17 May 2016
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Maui Jim: Fitting Experience


On the beach or in business attire, nothing says style like a great pair of sunglasses. No matter the industry or the location, your employees would enjoy personalized Maui Jim sunglasses, “the Gold Standard in Corporate Gifting”