5 Tips for Retail Inspired Tees

Unleash the power of retail looks throughout your apparel. Bottom line, cool t-shirts make their way off the hanger and on the street to promote your brand. Apparel is a walking billboard, so wow your audience with sought-after styles. We’ve …

18 April 2014
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Make God’s Message Stick!

Attention Kids Ministry Insiders! We have added vinyl decals with YOUR message to our  lineup! Your message on stock artwork, or submit your own custom design!

These vinyl decals are made with removable and repositionable adhesive.  Similar to a static …

14 March 2014
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New & Fresh – Ideas for 2014

newfreshReady for some brand boosting ideas? The POP Shop brings you the latest crop of new & fresh branded products across a variety of popular categories. Fuel your creativity with our new&fresh e-catalog.

Here are some of the trends …

12 March 2014
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Diaper Stickers – New designs!

By popular demand we have expanded our diaper stickers!

Diaper change stickers are a great way to inform parents whether their child’s diaper was wet or dirty.  For classroom leaders, they make great reminders showing which child has already …

24 February 2014
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Choosing pens, from the inside out!

Selecting a pen to carry your brand or logo is important work! You want YOUR pen to someone’s favorite pen.  There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a pen. The obvious of factors are color and style,

17 January 2014
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Geiger dominates! Wins 8 PPAI Awards!

Superhero duo Sonya & Brian Beam were awarded a Silver Image Award for their work on the new branding of The POP Shop – a Geiger company. The new logo and enhancements to the superhero theme re-energizes the brand after …

USB Drives – How big is a Gig?

Kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, bajillabyte… okay, there’s no such thing as a bajillabyte (yet). Nearly avengers-usb2everything we use today requires memory but what does it all mean? In the world of digital information storage, how do we make sense …

2 January 2014
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Superheroes – Educated & Certified!

We know our stuff! Beyond our superpowers, The POP Shop superheroes are educated and certified. Join us in congratulating one of our superheroes, Carrie Hiller who received her Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) certification from PPAI. Carrie has been with …

Latex Balloons-How Safe Are They?

What kid doesn’t love balloons?!

Well…get this-Latex balloons are the leading cause of suffocation deaths of all children’s products, Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.22.17 PMaccording to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Most are under the age of 6!

Sorry to burst your…well…balloon, but you

5 December 2013
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Promos, Giveaways, Incentives, Awards, Gifts, Prizes, Oh My!

When it comes to promotional products, ever wonder what the difference is between incentives, premiums, awards, gifts, giveaways, and prizes? It’s a lot, I know! As a superhero, it’s my job to keep you informed on the best ways to …